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1994 Frankly, My Dear, We Don't Give A Flam



  • Dax Flyger

  • Bob Kramer

  • Kevin Meyer

  • Steve Schmidt *

  • Roy Taggart

  • Steve Versaevel


  • William Archamboult

  • Jared Dyer

  • Mike Harstad


  • James Cool

  • Josh Gulseth

  • James Lamis

  • Jeremy Storm

  • Kyle Wigg


  • Michelle Dreesmen

  • Tarek Sayed

  • Mike Schmidt

  • Mike Uken

* Denotes Section Leader(s)

Note from the Season

The summer of 1994 is when it all began. Local percussionists from Roosevelt and Brandon Valley High Schools joined together to create a summer drumline that wouldn't compete, but play for the fun. With the help of a local band director, the drumline quickly organized itself, found classic drum cadences to play and chose green to be the magical color. Their performance schedule wasn't very organized but when a gig came up, the drummers were very eager to pitch in for gas and travel to their next show. Little did the original members of SuFuDu know the impact they would have on the Quad State Region and on the drumming community as a whole. The unique drumline finished the 1994 summer quickly, but looked ahead to the next season - if there was going to be one....

Tour Schedule

May 21
Tulip Festival
Orange City, IA
June 25
Western Fest
Granite Falls, MN
July 4
Fourth of July Parade
Brainard, MN
July 14
Horse Days
Hull, IA
August 7
Tall Timber Days
Grand Rapids, MN
August 23
Brandon Booster Club
Brandon, SD
August 28
St. Micheal's Ice Cream Social
Sioux Falls, SD
May 3
Brandon Talent Show
Brandon, SD
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