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1999 Year of the Breakdance



  • Nathan Dobney

  • Marques Eckhoff

  • Danny Eye

  • Chris Olthoff

  • David Penn

  • Dusty Roed

  • Andy Vigness


  • David Mitchell

  • Morgan Reedy

  • Mike Uken *


  • Cathy Gilbertson

  • Andy Harstad

  • Randy Mack

  • Darin Olson

  • Nick Streff


  • Chad Berg

  • Ryan Black

  • Shannon Juhl

  • Jackie Redmond

  • Jenny Sittig

  • Ann Versaevel

* Denotes Section Leader(s)

Tour Schedule

June 11
Redwood Falls Parade
Redwood Falls, MN
June 14
Interlaken Heritage Days
Fairmont, MN
June 16
Canaries Game
Sioux Falls, SD
June 21
Pow Wow Days
Mountain Lake, MN
June 25
Comfrey Centennial Celebration
Comfrey, MN
June 26
Crystal Springs Ranch Rodeo
Clear Lake, SD
June 27
Holiday Festival
Sherburn, MN
June 30
Canaries Game
Sioux Falls, SD
July 2
Mardi Gras Parade
Sioux City, IA
July 3
Ice Cream Days
Le Mars, IA
July 3
Trimont Centennial Celebration
Trimont, MN
July 4
Brainard Parade
Brainard, MN
July 5
Brainard Parade
Brainard, MN
July 14
Canaries Game
Sioux Falls, SD
July 16
Building Products, Inc.
Sioux Falls, SD
July 17
Jackson Festival
Jackson, MN
July 18
New Ulm, MN
July 21
Dutch Festival
Edgerton, MN
July 23
4-F LABO Picnic
Brookings, SD
July 24
Sanborn Parade
Sanborn, IA
July 24
Truman Centennial Celebration
Truman, MN
July 30
Relay for Like
Sioux Falls, SD
July 31
Jeffers Centennial Celebration
Jeffers, MN
August 8
Moto Fest
Winnebago, MN
August 9
National Softball Tournament
Sioux Falls, SD
August 18
Canaries Game
Sioux Falls, SD
August 21
Great American Duck Race
Sioux Falls, SD
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