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A Little Bit About Du...


In 1994, a group of percussionists brought together by the desire to play drums "just for the fun of it" formed an independent drumline called SuFuDu. Today, it is a select group of percussionists from the Quad State area. Although the group initially provided a place for friends to play marching percussion, it has evolved into a unique performance experience firmly rooted in leadership development. SuFuDu educates and equips students to not only succeed in marching percussion, but also teaches them applicable skills that will aid in their continued personal, educational and professional success.

Their unique name, SuFuDu, alludes to their home base of Sioux Falls, SD. Traveling outward from there, the group has entertained thousands in parades and special events across the Upper Midwest for over 20 years! The nine-member Board of Directors works diligently to support the organization year-round while the members actively practice their leadership development skills in the ensemble and while maintain positions on committees each year to help shape the direction of the group.

SuFuDu is a non-profit organization. Tax deductible donations and performance fees cover the costs of travel, equipment, and uniforms. Any gift or performance opportunity is welcome.

Call 1-800-536-7692 for more information.

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