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2001 Nod Your Head to This 2K1



  • Marques Eckhoff

  • Danny Eye

  • David Hall

  • David Mitchell *

  • Katie Mohlenhoff

  • David Penn


  • Josh Barta

  • Mandie Bonander

  • Drew Manzer

  • Darin Olson


  • Jon Bodewitz

  • Mark Hamann

  • Joel Quist

  • Keith Roed

  • Justin Stottlemyre


  • Ryan Black

  • Jeff Johnson

  • Ben Osborn

  • Kari Skillman

  • Luke Sursely

  • Bobby Wood

* Denotes Section Leader(s)

Tour Schedule

April 1
MS Walk
Sioux Falls, SD
May 17
Special Olympic Ceremony
Sioux Falls, SD
June 2
Luverne Parade
Luverne, MN
June 5
YMCA Day Camp
Sioux Falls, SD
June 8
Women of Today Parade
Redwood Falls, MN
June 9
Windom, MN
June 11
Interlaken Heritage Days
Fairmont, MN
June 16
Fun Daze
Lewisville, MN
June 16
125th Anniversary Celebration
Adrian, MN
June 18
Pow Wow Days
Mountain Lake, MN
June 23
Western Fest
Granite Falls, MN
June 23
Pioneer Railroad Days
St. James, MN
June 24
Holiday Festival
Holiday Festival
June 29
Ringneck Softball Tournament
Sioux Falls, SD
June 30
Watertower Festival
Pipestone, MN
July 1
Duck Days
Lake Crystal, MN
July 4
Spamtown USA Festival
Austin, MN
July 4
Old Fashioned 4th Of July
Blooming Prairie, MN
July 10
Dutch Festival
Edgerton, MN
July 11
Festag Days
Minnesota Lake, MN
July 22
July 28
Glenwood, MN
July 31
Watermelon Days
Sanborn, MN
August 4
Optimist Club Convention
Sioux Falls, SD
August 8
Art Festival
Sioux Falls, SD
August 12
Moto Fest
Winnebago, MN
August 15
SuFuDu Annual Benefit Concert
Sioux Falls, SD
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